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Feb 10, 2013 11:00am PST
are searching california's san bernardino mountains for ex-lapd cop, christopher dorner accused of killing three people. l.a. county supervisors will request a $100,000 reward on tuesday for information leading to dorner's arrest. the big blizzard that went through the northeast has left behind a lot of snow. folks in the area are busy clearing the roads and shoveling snow off of cars. trying to get back to normal after a day of being stuck inside. 370,000 people are still without heat or electricity. >>> joe paterno's family have released a report be a solving the late coach of blame in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. it said penn state's prior report from the paterno's widow is speaking out now as well on how she felt when she first learned of the accusations. >> it is still hard to accept, but when i read the first presentment of charges, i actually got physically ill. and couldn't read any more for a couple of days. >> the university responded to the family in a written statement saying it is understandable and predictable that people will draw their own conclusions and o
Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
-year-old former lapd officer who has threatened, quote/unquote, unconventional and asymmetrical warfare on his former colleagues. he's also a former navy reserve lieutenant, and is accused of firing on four officers today, one is dead. dorner is also wanted in connection with a double homicide in irvine, where the daughter of a retired police department captain, monica quan, and her fiance, keith lawrence, were killed in the parking lot of their apartment. dorner is suspected of being on the run since sunday, and police warn he is armed and dangerous. and according to a chilling manifesto he posted online, dorner's shooting spree targeted officers and hair families and it isn't over yet. antonio villaraigosa is urging everyone to be alert as it isn't over yet. kyung lah is on the scene of the first shoot this morning. what can you tell us about this breaking news we have that they've been able to identify this burnt vehicle as dorner's vehicle? >> reporter: well, just about 90 minutes ago, we did get a report that a car was on fire, that police had found this burned out shell of
Feb 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
, christopher dorner, former lapd cop who had been dismissed, left the force in january 2009 because of allegedly or he was found to have made false reports about excessive force by a fellow officer and has been trying to clear his name ever since that. it went to court, and then on sunday, a week ago yesterday, he is believed to have killed michelle quan, the daughter of his union rep who represented him at this board of inquiry at the lapd. he killed her fiance or he allegedly killed her fiance, and then on early thursday was involved in a gunfight with lapd officers who were guarding another target that he had listed in his manifesto. as he fled from that scene, he is now charged, officially charged, with killing a riverside police officer, wounding another who were stopped at a red light. and ever since then, ever since thursday, the search has been going on. they found his burning pickup truck outside big bear lake, a resort area northeast of los angeles in the san bernardino mountains. and that's where the search has been focused with no real evidence of his whereabouts until toda
Feb 8, 2013 12:35am PST
making claims in a bizarre online manifesto that he was unjustly fired by the lapd and needs to clear his name. in a police department with a storied and troubled history, they have never seen anything like this before. here's abc's david wright with the latest. >> attention all units, speed into reference 1199 for lapd. >> reporter: over the past 24 hours, a deadly manhunt across this whole region. >> suspect vehicle still outstanding, it's a black nissan titan. >> reporter: police officers hunting one of their own, a rogue former officer now accused of hunting them. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: it all started sunday with a grizzly double homicide, 28-year-old monica kwan and her fiance keith lawrence shot at close range as they sat in their car. a murder with no apparent motive. the couple had no known enemies. kwan was a popular college basketball coach. >> she was our team leader, and she was always there to help pick som
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am PST
discharged just last friday. fired four years ago by the lapd. police claim he bore a grudge against a retired lapd police captain, randy quan, monica's father, as well as other lapd officers. >> of particular interest at this point in the investigation, is a multipage manifesto. >> reporter: in a rambling manifesto posted online, dorner blames quan and other lapd officers of a smear campaign, after dorner reported witnessing a fellow officer commit police brutality. the manifesto vows vengeance. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform, whether on or off duty. >> lapd is a specific target. but all law enforcement is a target. >> reporter: police set up a command post in the mountains northeast of l.a., where a truck had been set ablaze. that truck turned out to be dorner's. but the suspect was nowhere to be found. cnn's anderson cooper revealed dorner had sent him a package. >> inside the package was a hand-labeled dvd with a yellow post-it note, reading in part, quote, i never lied, apparently in reference to his dismissal from the lapd in 2008. >
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am PST
lapd officer. >>> and we are live in pebble beach this morning, we will take you there next. >>> how cold will those temperatures get, i have that coming up in two minutes. . >>> good morning, we are following breaking news a manhunt is underway for a former lapd police officers shooting three police officers. >>> a roof collapses while firefighters try to battle an early morning fire and we will tell you if there are any early morning victims. . >>> good morning we are live down here for the pebble beach pro golf tournament, we will tell you more coming up. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning welcome to february 7th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. steve is here to tell us if it's going to get cold. >>> we have gone about five weeks without hardly any rain and there is some but a little snow mix, look for a mostly cloudy day, off and on sun, highs only in the 50s today, here is sal. >>> good morning, we are looking at highway 4, there are no major problems there although it is getting noticeably crowded. let's move along and look
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
la jeunesse who is at the l.a. police department. the lapd said when they had news they would come out and tell you. this is their guy. he is targeting their police officers. any word from lapd. what is happening at the scene where you are? >> they have not come down yet. they are monitoring an active shooter situation, trace. the last news conferences, they have given away of what they known with investigative details. as i said moments ago, this morning it seemed like they were searching for a needle in a haystack, reiterating to people in big bear, if you have surveillance video that could show this guy and the vehicle he might be in, let us know. we do have information that why he is there. because he had a friend, the initials according to affidavit by u.s. marshal whose parents had a cabin in the area. he headed there when he couldn't go to mexico and steal a boat in san diego. maybe the car broke down or broken axle up there and that is what abandoned him in the area. the good news, he doesn't have the stuff. only what is on his body. tried to steal a vehicle. he got accoste
Feb 7, 2013 9:00am PST
riverside. and then earlier in the morning, in corona, california, some lapd officers, who were assigned to security detail of an officer, who was mentioned in the manifesto and was off duty, these two officers were driving in corona, getting off a freeway, when they believe that dorner opened fire on them. one of those officers suffered from a grazing wound to the forehead. so in all, three separate shooting incidents involving people here. dorner apparently having an ex--military record. when you read the manifesto, it's at times bone chilling. he warned everybody that he said you are aware i have always been a top shot. the highest scorer and an expert in rifle qualifications in every unit that he had been in. and he said that he would utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordinance and survival training. in the manifesto, he alludes to wanting to exact revenge after being fired on a number of different people. and he obviously threatened both of these officers and their families, and that's why his link to the killing -- those killings earlier this week of a
Feb 7, 2013 11:30am PST
nissan pickup. as long as he is loose, the lapd has reassigned the motorcycle officers to cars and everyone is working in pairs. the police chief has given an update and has said he has multiple weapons. >> he knows what he is doing. we trained him. he was a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary. >> christopher dorner is armed and extremely dangerous. the targets are police officers and their families. the hunt is extensive. the death toll so far is throw. the killing spree started sunday, when police found a 27-year-old and 28-year-old fiance shot to death in their car. she was an assistant women's basketball coach and he was a public safety officer at usc. her father is a retired lapd captain turned lawyer and represented continuer when he was accused of making false accusations against the lapd. police found his wallet and lapd badge near the san diego airport at 2:30 this morning. they say last night he tied up a man and tried to steal his boat. that was after he opened fire on fellow officers. around 1:30 in corona, lapd officers were working the dorn
Feb 9, 2013 4:30pm EST
blizzard. back now to the search for fired lapd police officer, christopher dorner. kyung lah has obtained footage. it shows he knows how to handle a weapon well. >> reporter: christopher dorner, lapd cadet in 2005. what do you think, watching this, considering what's happened? >> well, he's an expert with weapons. definitely. he's definitely dangerous. >> reporter: this man spent months with dorner at the lapd training academy. we are altering his voice and not showing his face, because he fears dorner will go after his police friends. but he wants the public to see this, so people understand what the lapd is facing. >> if you look at chris, you can see that he's a little bit of an expert. watch how he disarms the shoot. almost no movement when he shoots the gun, and then pop, like nothing. >> reporter: so he stood out. >> yeah, he stood out. he knew what he was doing. the lapd has -- they're going to be going after one of their own former, and he knows -- like i say, he knows what he's doing. he knows how to use everything. >> reporter: being a cop, do you think that it was -- c
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
. ex-navy reservist, ex-lapd officer with a grudge against the force. if you see him, do not approach him. get some place safe and contact authorities. the breaking news, police have located his burned out truck near big bear lake, which is about 100 miles east of los angeles. they have not, however, located dorner himself. just moments ago, we learned the fbi went to the suspect's home in las vegas. we don't yet know, however, what if anything, they discovered. meantime, back at big bear lake in california, fresh tracks were spotted nearby. however, police say they do not lead to the suspect. they are doing door to door. checkpoints are up on local roads. they've barred all choppers from the air space. christopher dorner is not only armed, dangerous and vowing revenge on his former fellow officers but also people close to them. in a strange and chilling online manifesto allegedly written by dorner he says, quote, i never had the opportunity to have a familiarly of my own. i'm terminating yours. as for his capabilities, a local police chief had this to say. of course, he know
Feb 7, 2013 11:00am PST
at usc. her father is a retired lapd captain turned lawyer and represented continuer when he was accused of making false accusations against the lapd. police found his wallet and lapd badge near the san diego airport at 2:30 this morning. they say last night he tied up a man and tried to steal his boat. that was after he opened fire on fellow officers. around 1:30 in corona, lapd officers were working the dorner care and they found him. >> the suspect exited the vehicle and immediately with a shoulder weapon and started to shoot at the officers. >> they returned fire. one officer was grazed in the head by a bullet. 10 minutes later two police officers were ambushed at a stoplight and shot. one was killed. >> it is intense. extremely volatile situation. the suspect is armed. is dangerous. and show as proceed -- propensity to shoot. >> torrance police were involved in two shootings when officers came across pickup trucks similar to the ones believed dorner is driving. neither incident actually involved dorner. in one of the shootings, two people were hit. we do not know the extent
Feb 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
. in no small part because the lapd, the sheriff's department and the law enforcement agencies of this region work as collaboratively as they do. and that's also true, of course, for our federal partners. once again, we are working seamlessly to protect the public and to bring mr. dorner to justice. now, chief beck will give you an update on the search in just a moment. but first, allow me to acknowledge a number of people here with me today. in addition to lapd chief charlie beck, riverside mayor rusty bailey,er vine mayor dr. steven choi, fbi director bill lewis, u.s. marshal for the central district of california david singer, and also supervisor antonovich has joined us. i want to thank all the officers from across the region to answering the call of duty. every day i marvel and applaud their unwavering bravery. their dedication has been complimented by the vigilance of residents throughout this region. you've been on the lookout and shared your leads with law enforcement. we thank you for it. anyone with tips can call 213-486-5230. but i also want to remind everyone to contin
Feb 7, 2013 8:00pm EST
-navy officer with a grudge against the lapd. breaking news tonight, police have located his burned out truck near big bear lake. that's about 100 miles east of los angeles. that's the truck there, burned out. they have not, however, located dorner. just moments ago, we learned that the fbi went to the suspect's home in las vegas. we do not know, however, what, if anything, they discovered there. mee meantime, back at big bear lake, the l.a. times is reporting that fresh tracks were found nearby. check points are up on local roads and the faa has barred all local news choppers from the air space overhead. as for the suspect himself, authorities say that christopher dorner is not only armed, not only dangerous and vowing revenge on his former lapd officers but also people close to them. in a strange and chilling online manifesto allegedly written by dorner, he says, and i quote, i never had an opportunity to have a family of mine own, i'm terminating yours. as for his capabilities, a local police officer had this to say, quote, of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. i le
Feb 8, 2013 12:00am PST
-lapd cop. the suspect' burned truck has been dound about 100 miles northeast of los angeles. he vowed to wage war on police. three people are dead, one officer, the daughter of a former officer, and her fiance. we begin with kyung lah. what is the latest on the manhunt for this very dangerous man? >> the sheriff's department just came out and spoke with reporters. what they are saying, and it's a little surprising, that despite the perilous conditions, despite the danger the officers are facing on this rough terrain, they are going to keep on searching. snow is in the forecast. weather is going to become extremely difficult. but they say they are going to stay out there. they have the dogs out there. they're going to use all the technology they can, but their goal is to try to corner him in some very rough terrain, piers. i have been out in that area. it's a heavily wooded area. there are resort homes. some of those homes are empty. you're talking about police officers hunting one of their own, who wants to kill them, and he is a trained marksman and heavily armed. >> given where they
Feb 12, 2013 1:00am PST
charges of racism in the lapd may spark the kind of wildfire law enforcement has seen all too often. the latest now from randi kaye. >> reporter: day five of the manhunt and still no sign of christopher dorner. >> kind of scary because you don't know where he is, and we have friends that live all over the mountain, you know, and we're concerned about them. >> reporter: on big bear mountain, about 100 miles east of los angeles, 30 officers are back at it, this time expanding their hunt to more remote areas while continuing their door-to-door searches of vacation homes. authorities are hoping a $1 million reward offered for information leading to dorner's capture and conviction will help. though since it was announced, it has only led to more false sightings. this lowe's store in northridge was evacuated sunday night after someone thought they spotted dorner. we're also learning more about dorner's truck, which was recovered from big bear mountain last week. investigators say the axel on the truck was broken, which may be one reason why dorner lit it on fire. he may have had to quickl
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
-- >> clint, i'm going to have to interrupt you. the news conference by lapd is about to start. let's go live to los angeles. >> i have a very small amount of information i can provide to you. from what's happening up in san bernardino county right now. this information is from the san bernardino county sheriff's office. let me put a caveat on it this is very early preliminary information. about 2:20 p.m. today san bernardino sheriffs were on the lookout for dorner. they received a call on a vehicle in club view drive. they received information from the person reporting that the stolen vehicle was stolen by an individual that appeared to be very similar to christopher dorner. they immediately conducted a ground and an air search for this vehicle and they were able to locate it at highway 38 and glass road. the suspect in the vehicle fled into the forest. shortly thereafter, this individual barricaded himself in a cabin there and an exchange of gunfire occurred. during that exchange, two officers were injured. they've been air lifted to a local hospital. their condition is unknown. los an
Feb 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
last 10 years i have been married to someone who was a deputy chief of the lapd and i now refer to him as being in recovery. at the same time, i have been working extensively with home with industries, and my brother said, if he had dreamed i would be married to a policeman and working with a priest, somebody would be lying. i have been working with gangs and been involved with gangs, trying to figure them out for 34 years. i began as a young social worker in south los angeles. with gang infested housing projects that are now almost mythic, jordan downs and nickerson gardens, and i worked in these projects during what is referred to as the decade of death, when crack and unregulated gun availability laid waste to communities of color. in los angeles during the late 1980's and early 1990's, there were 1000 homicides per year in the city of los angeles, not the county, the city. now, we have between 203 hundred homicides per year. people talk about the gang problem having been addressed. i want to share with you, what i experienced, what i have learned, i am not a typical academic. i
Feb 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
. nbc's miguel almaguer is live outside lapd headquarters. miguel, good evening. >> reporter: lester, good evening. some late-breaking news here in los angeles. the lapd chief says he will reopen christopher dorner's case. the man at the center of the manhunt was fired from his job in 2008 for making false claims about a superior officer. the chief says he's not doing this to appease the murder suspect but to instead gain the trust of the community. this as the manhunt for dorner becomes one of the largest in california history. tonight, new surveillance photos of murder suspect christopher dorner one week before the killing spree began. at his mother's home just outside of los angeles, detectives serve a search warrant, bag evidence but make no arrests. >> we're looking for any evidence that would lead us to dorner's whereabouts. >> reporter: 100 miles away, helicopters with heat-seeking technology comb the sny mountains over big bear. but the trail here has gone cold. after a three-day sweep of some 600 cabins, the only sign of the former lapd officer, and accused cop killer, were
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
, thanks. >>> now to a big domestic story in southern california, tonight. 50 families of lapd officers are under 24-hour protection as an ex cop sniper remains on the loose and the reward is now $1 million. it's a region edge, a police department stretched to the limit. nbc's miguel almaguer is with us once again from lapd headquarters tonight. miguel, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. it's been more than a week since the first of three murders, so tonight the lapd has upped the ante, offering a $1 million reward as they hunt a killer. police departments remain on high alert on day five of the manhunt. tactical officers are deployed across southern california. some on rooftops, some on neighborhood porches, protecting 50 families the accused cop killer has threatened. the lapd now offering a $1 million reward for their fugitive, christopher dorner. >> we're getting tips like crazy. we have three times the amount of tips that we had yesterday. >> reporter: today the riverside district attorney filed formal murder charges against dorner. >> he is a felon at large,
Feb 10, 2013 7:00am EST
diego is time stamped 9:08 monday morning. 12 hours after the daughter of a retired lapd officer and her fiance were reported killed 90 miles away in irvine, california. it shows fugitive christopher dorner's truck and a man who appears to be dorner throwing items in a dumpster. >> monday morning when i came in, opened the shop and business as usual, one of the employees went to throw the trash. after he came back, he came back with a clip like a magazine full of bullets, a belt, a military belt and helmet. and he brought to me and i said where did you find it, he said i find it in the back of the dumpster. >> reporter: reporting what he found was as simple as walking across the street to the police station. he says police told him the items were connected to a double homicide inn irvin. chilling that he was so close to a police station so soon after he started his killing spree. police would not confirm the video's authenticity, but it does match the still photo of dorner's vehicle released thursday, the day he's suspected at shooting at four officer, killing one. hours before t
Feb 9, 2013 5:00am EST
called on to duty, tensions so high, twitchy lapd officers shoot up a blue pickup truck resembling dorner's. inside a 71-year-old woman and her daughter delivering newspapers. the 71-year-old in intensive care. the daughter okay, a torrence police officer hears those shots and sees another truck and fires into it. not dorner but a man going to work. luckily he is okay. monica quan and her fiance shot and killed. wednesday, near san diego, dorner tried to steal a boat. on thursday, 1:25 a.m. in corona he allegedly fires onto two police officers, one is slightly injured. 20 minutes later in riverside, two officers ambushed at a stop light. one dies. the other hospitalized. thursday his manifesto goes public and his burned out truck is found, two guns in it and footprints leading into the woods. a search warrant was served on his mother's house, forensic experts computer forensic experts went in there hoping to search through the computers in that house to figure out where exactly he might be. martin? >> that's miguel, a story we'll continue to follow for you. >>> the other is the bli
Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
-old former lapd officer who is alleged to have killed three people so far, including the daughter of a retired los angeles police department captain, and also killing a current lapd officer. dorner remains on the run tonight. he's considered armed and dangerous. courtly is a author of "s.e.a.l. survival guide, navy s.e.a.l. secrets to surviving any disaster." glad to have you back. last night we were talking, there was a belief that dorner was up in the resort area of big bear where his pickup truck had been found burning. they thought the fbi might be able to close in on him and find him. now they're saying the trail went cold. how far could he have gotten? >> this guy's 275 pounds, i used to train up there, it's extremely rugged, it's snowing. not very far on foot. this guy is either bunkered in in one of the homes up there or he's nowhere near that area, in my opinion. >> that's my question, do you think that it was a ruse, that he may not even be there? >> i personally do. there's no reason why he had gone through all this planning for this and then just decided to abandon his ve
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
firing range as an lapd cadet. we look into what dorner's grievance is with the lapd. why he was removed from the police force and why he says it was due to corruption. here in the east, of course, the snow, possibly more snow than anyone has seen in a generation sfa falling all day and starting to fall harder tonight. the forecast calling for nearly 3 feet in places. high winds blowing, 5,000 flights grounded. amtrak shut down in the northeast. travel bans, emergency orders in effect. people are being warned, take this seriously because the worst is expected to unfold in the hours ahead. we have a team of correspondents throughout the northeast and back in the weather center. we'll also be on live from 10:00 to midnight. let's begin in massachusetts. jason carroll is in boston. ali velshi is in cape cod. jason, what's going on where you are? >> well, anderson, right now, we're experiencing near white-out conditions in boston, massachusetts. we're in south boston, along a side street here. you can see how even though you've got some folks who are just walking the dogs, walking ou
Feb 8, 2013 4:30am EST
manhunt has the los angeles area on virtual lockdown. the lapd even putting extra security at their headquarters because the spblgt used to be one of their own. christopher dorner is wanted in multiple shootings spanning six days. the 33-year-old said he's declaring war with the lapd after losing his job. according to his late and rambling manifesto, he wants to revenge until his name is clear. he writes the violence of action will be high. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare. dorner is accused of killing a couple and shooting at two police officers killing one of them. his vehicle was found in the big bear area, so far no sign of the man police describe as armed and dangerous. nbc's stephanie stanton has more from los angeles. >> reporter: this burned out truck belonging to suspect christopher dorner was found in the mountains two miles east of los angeles. but dorner himself was nowhere to be found. >> dorner is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: dorner posted aing lengthy manifesto on facebook detailing threats against police officers he inten
Feb 12, 2013 1:00pm PST
with security cameras are being asked to check with dorner. lapd families remain under police protection because they are linked to targets mentioned in dorner's manifesto. >> we believe these are all very viable targets. >> the school in arcadia closed for a second day. its pastor is related to someone threatened by dorner. >> one law enforcement source telling us, wolf, we really have to think out of the box with this guy. he's been one step ahead of us. of course we'll let you know if that continues if we get anymore information and confirm those reports that we're hearing out of the big bear area, wolf. >> correct me if i'm wrong, dorner had some sort of long standing connection to that big bear area, he's pretty familiar with the area, maybe that's why he went back there, is that right? >> that's certainly one of the things that investigators have been looking at, a known associate of dorner, according to the marshall's arrest warrant, his family has property in the big bear area. dorner's vehicle when it was found on thursday on fire, was very near that property. so that
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 708 (some duplicates have been removed)